Dr. Sankar's ENT

Form Follows Function

The newly constructed Sankars Endoscopy Center is custom-built with physician input to maximize efficiency and streamline patient flow. Sankars Endoscopy Center is equipped with a spacious procedure room that includes dictation station.
In addition, there is a recovery bay built with privacy walls.

The center offers physicians many amenities:
  • Audiology support
  • Laboratory support In house Pharmacy
  • Consultation rooms
  • Lounge

  • Comfortable Patient Experience

    Sankars Endoscopy Center is designed to provide a superior patient experience with maximal comfort and attentive patient-centered care. Patients will experience less wait time and spend less time at the facility over all as the center is designed specifically for outpatient procedures.

    Sankars Endoscopy Center offers patients many features that makes it a preferred location to have their procedure:

  • Convenient location with ample on-siteparking
  • Beautifully decorated to create a serene environment
  • Expert medical staff knowledgeable in otorhinolaryngolocical procedures
  • State-of-the-art equipments
  • Doctors Panel
    Dr. Sankar's ENT